onshore on‧shore [ˌɒnˈʆɔː◂ ǁ ˌɑːnˈʆɔːr◂, ˌɒːn-] adjective
1. involving an activity performed in a particular country, rather than outside it:

• The Thai baht reached new lows in onshore trading in Bangkok.

2. onshore bank/​company/​investment etc TAX a bank etc that is based in a country where taxes are at normal levels, laws are strict etc:

• The bank now wants to expand in onshore business centres such as London, New York and Tokyo.

3. connected with oil and gas production that is done on land:

• There was only one onshore discovery last year out of seven exploration wells drilled.

— onshore adverb :

• Some of these deals are much more generous than comparable products onshore.

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onshore UK US /ˌɒnˈʃɔːr/ adjective
FINANCE, TAX used to describe companies and banks that are based in a country where they pay normal rates of tax, or to describe the services of these companies or banks : »

The strict regulations imposed by onshore banks make tax evasion difficult.

onshore account/banking/funds »

The award-winning fund manager offers a range of 35 onshore funds.

NATURAL RESOURCES, PRODUCTION on land rather than in the sea: an onshore windfarm/oil field »

The energy supplier has invested heavily in developing onshore windfarms.

onshore exploration/drilling/production »

Other major oil groups do not have onshore production in the country.

Compare OFFSHORE(Cf. ↑offshore)
onshore UK US /ˌɒnˈʃɔːr/ adverb
FINANCE, TAX to a country where you pay normal rates of tax: »

The drawback of investing overseas is that tax will need to be paid when the money is brought back onshore.

NATURAL RESOURCES, PRODUCTION onto land from the sea: »

By the end of the day, all 1,400 workers had been brought onshore and the company's wells had been shut.

Compare OFFSHORE(Cf. ↑offshore)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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